Gloria Healing Retreat

Residential Addiction Treatment

Gloria Rehab is an effective residential addiction treatment center that will help guide your road to recovery from alcohol or drugs. Our Holistic addiction treatment center offers a real solution for people who want to make a positive change in their lives.

Our Residential Addiction Treatment

Gloria Residential Addiction Treatment Centers and Inpatient rehabs exist to help patients heal from addictions without distractions of society or outside influences where they can focus on getting well and staying sober while surrounded by others with similar issues. Residential drug rehab center programs vary depending on the center and the patient’s needs but our program offers individualized treatment plans tailored to each clients specialized needs.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
is a safe and secure environment that can help you or a loved one recover from alcohol dependence, drug addiction, alcoholism, and other related issues. Gloria Healing Centers will provide a plan to help participants achieve their goals of recovery through many different types of therapies including: traditional counseling, acupuncture, yoga therapy, meditation practices and group therapy. Holistic care at a holistic addiction treatment center has been proven as effective as traditional drug rehabs because it helps people feel more comfortable in their surroundings which makes them more open to change. 

In addition to the specialties listed above, most facilities also offer luxurious amenities to help you feel your best, such as:

Gloria Holistic Rehabs will also offer many useful services to increase comfort during stay including massage therapy, detoxification services, meditation and breathwork groups, nutritional guidance, yoga and other holistic therapies. 

These additional services can help you achieve your wellness goals faster by targeting multiple areas of mental health at once without leaving the facility. The success rate for people who attend residential addiction treatment centers is high no matter where they are located or what type of treatment is used. Holistic addiction treatment centers offer a safe and caring environment for those who wish to take the first step towards recovery and the change they need in their life.

Glorias Healing Retreat will often use therapy and coaching for their patients while at the facility. When these therapies are performed by licensed therapists, they can be very effective during addiction recovery. Addiction counselling is a type of therapy employed at many Holistic Facilities to help teach coping skills, break down denial and motivate people toward sobriety combined with other therapeutic practices such as: self-discovery groups, psychoanalysis, art therapy and supplements that aid in detoxification.