Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Alcohol & Drug Detox

Start Feeling Whole

The Detox phase is the first step in the path to Recovery. This is where the healing of the body begins. Upon Admission, each client will be seen by a Doctor and generally medications will be prescribed. Clinical staff and nurses will closely monitor each patient and their withdrawal symptoms can be addressed accordingly.

We encourage those who are feeling well enough, to attend therapy sessions during detox but it is not required during Detox if the patient is not feeling up to it. If a patient has special dietary or other needs, our staff is there to accommodate.

Our Detox Facility

Our Detox facility setting offers large comfortable beds and fluffy pillows with all of the comforts of a beautiful upscale facility. We offer Private and Semi Private rooms based on availability. There are only 6 patients at a time and our staff is always close by and available on a moment’s notice.

Detox generally will be from 7 to 10 days. However, this is determined based on each patient’s medical necessity and could be more or less based on each person’s individual situation. You can always check with our doctor or a member of the clinical staff for more details.

After the Detox phase, clients generally feel much better physically. This is the time to begin the next phase of development. The next step is our Residential healing program to address the issues with the Mind and Soul.


Your questions answered

We at Gloria Recovery Center pride ourselves in our unique Holistic Recovery Approach helmed by Expert Leadership and providing the Correct Specialties with a High Success Rate. Our dedicated, Accredited staff are rounded out by 24 Hour Nursing Care with a Family Focus. Gloria Recovery offers the latest in Cutting Edge Holistic Treatment Modalities combined with Excellent Amenities and Superior On-Going Support Options

If you or a loved one are beginning to suspect a problem with drugs or alcohol, there’s likely a reason for it. When you contact Gloria Recovery Center you will speak to a qualified professional who can assist you in a screening process to determine the types of substances being abused, patterns of use, your physical/mental health as well as the possibility of other contributing factors. Our phone-based assessment is free to you and will help us determine whether addiction treatment is the right course of action. Begin by contacting us at (866) 349-6493

It couldn’t be any easier. You simply call us at (866) 349-6493 and one of our admissions professionals will do the rest. From answering general questions to pre-screening and insurance concerns we will handle the entire process for you!

Gloria Recovery Center accepts a variety of insurance coverage & self-pay options. Some of the policies we accept include: Blue Cross, Signa, ComPsych, MultiPlan, Tricare, Magellan, Three Rivers, Aetna, Humana, Value Options, Beacon and others. To find out if your specific policy is covered, simply head over to our ‘Verify Insurance’ link and enter your information. We will then pre-screen your policy and contact you to discuss the coverage options available to you