Holistic – Whole Person – Treatment

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The holistic or whole person treatment approach to substance abuse recovery focuses on the balance of the spirit, mind, and body in order to achieve a healthy state of being. Gloria Recovery Center offers various treatment approaches to help guide individuals or couples towards tailoring a unique treatment plan designed for healthier, more balanced outcomes in their lives.

Throughout the course of recovery, an addict or alcoholic may encounter challenges beyond just dependency on a particular substance. A whole person treatment approach may guide a person towards better coping skills, accelerated healing, and a healthier outlook. A whole person treatment approach may also help to improve sleeping patterns, elevate mood, boost physical immunity, and reduce stress or anxiety.

The benefits of physical exercise in addiction recovery cannot be overstated.  Exercise can release endorphins in the body. This can produce a ‘natural high’ which helps promote good feelings and may enhance self-esteem. Exercise helps reduce stress and may also decrease stress related cravings. Physical exercise can also function as a healthy distraction. If you’re jogging, swimming in the ocean, surfing, playing volleyball, or riding a bicycle (in other words, staying active), you may be more likely to focus on the task at hand then on your cravings for a particular substance.

Equine therapy, massage, stretching, breath work, yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy, and relaxation exercises may all fit into the category of spiritual exercise. These various techniques have been shown in some instances to improve heart function and even lower cholesterol. As the mind and body are connected, the staff at Gloria Recovery Center focus on both to help as an aid towards achieving sustainable recovery.

It has long been known that meditation is a highly useful in recovery from addiction because it is helpful in slowing down or clearing an alcoholic or addict’s racing thought process. The practice of meditation can also improve impulse control and low frustration tolerance. This is extremely useful for addicts in fighting cravings and dealing with stressful situations in earlier recovery and treatment. At Gloria Recovery, we offer an ideal environment for the practice of the meditative techniques. Our clients are afforded the luxury of sunrise or sunset meditation, surfing, swimming, walking and volleyball, all near Southern California’s famous Pacific Ocean view.

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